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Digital Repeaters For On-Hold Playback
It takes a special piece of audio equipment to play music on-hold messages over your telephone system. The Image Generators recommend and distribute repeaters from two major manufacturers in the industry. Our line of digital repeaters gives you playback from a CD, mp3, modem-sent file, IP-sent file, and Flash Drive. The choice depends on where each customer's units will be placed and how updates will be handled.


Audio Image Cards

In keeping with our special focus in the audio realm, The Image Generators have found that our Audio Image Cards are an effective marketing tool used by professionals in a variety of industries, from financial services to mental health treatment. By taking advantage of the unique credibility established in a talk show style interview program with the “guest” Professional, we selectively highlight the areas of expertise that the guest is specializing in, and we create an informational and educational CD, duplicated and packaged into a professional package that is given to prospective clients. This is a non-threatening and inexpensive way to allow prospective clients to hear more about you in their own environment at their own time.

In-Store Promotional Systems
Years ago, the Safeway grocery company began having employees in each store make special promotional announcements advertising various items. They discovered that a store employee, someone with a face who they could see, had greater sales impact than a radio-commercial produced announcement. Sales increases of 200-300% were reported on items promoted in this manner. Although companies like Muzak have been providing satellite-broadcast commercials in stores, there is still nothing like the personal touch of someone who works there.


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