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New Partnership Created

MusicOnHold.com and The Image Generators agree to marketing partnership

July 1, 2006- Advertising on-hold services (Telemmercials) provided by The Image Generators have received a new national boost in sales, as the Company announced today it has affiliated with MusicOnHold.com, a major portal for businesses. President and CEO Michael J. Weiner announced the new arrangement, saying, "The advertising on-hold benefits to businesses are being recognized by marketers, and many times their first stop is an internet search for music on-hold. MusicOnHold.com has established itself as the forerunner in lead generation referrals to The Image Generators. The affiliation has provided our Company with a dramatic increase in sales opportunities as we move forward in our growth path."

The Image Generators was founded in 1985, and delivers high quality voice-over, recording, audio and video services to clients in a diverse range of size, from Fortune 100 to 'mom and pop' businesses. The Company has grown to include several high powered senior advertising, public relations and marketing communications experts. It is under contract with GSA for Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services, and is a qualified small, veteran-owned business.



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